When trees get strucked by natural elements we breathe in a new life in a form of slabs and modern furniture , also for every cutted tree we plant new one.
Our goal is to take commonly known Urban Lumber on to the next level, with emphasis on sustainability.

Fine Line Woodworks offers an extensive inventory of kiln dried live edge European Walnut slabs, and If you’re looking for the perfect piece for your own woodworking project we are the right place.

Our inventory is realy unique if you’re looking for something extra special.

Great selection of European Walnut live edge slabs with a revolving inventory of 600 dry slabs available, and we’re certain we can find the perfect slab for your project.

We only sell slabs that have been kiln dried and are ready to be worked into finished products. Available slabs that are ready for your project are waiting in our shop


Because the colours of walnut wood differ based on which portion of the tree the wood originates.
Sapwood is the outmost part of a tree and in a walnut colours range from yellow and grey to nearly creamy white.
The heartwood moves down with vibrant colours with a variety of light and dark browns, some grays, reddish rays, purplish hues, and dark streaks contained within.

Walnut wood gets lighter as it ages and You’ll get a vibrant honey colour.
There are many elements that can lighten dark wood and vice versa, however, the main reason would be sun exposure over the years.

Walnut wood is a great choice for steam bending and any kind of woodworking.